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G-spot Stimulator
G-spot Stimulator
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G-spot Stimulator

A very manageable version of the prostate massager that's managed to completely revolutionize the idea of the male g-spot, the smaller-scale SGX Classic offers up a fantastic shape that easily and extraordinarily pleasurably stimulates your prostate. At the base, you'll find two extensions, one of which will stimulate the perineum while the massager is inside you, while the other acts as a handle for comfortable insertion and placement.


This massager has the added bonus of a thoughtfully ribbed stem that helps with stability, preventing the shaft from slipping out of place. Thanks to a hands free design, you'll be able to enjoy this massager in almost any position, so get into one that feels comfortable for you, and relax while slowly contracting the sphincter muscles around the head of the SGX, drawing it naturally inside. One fully inserted and positioned properly, it'll automatically massage the prostate- you should not have to use any manual pressure or movement, in fact, doing so may be uncomfortable and isn't recommended.The SGX is a smaller sized Aneros anal toy, if you're an anal/prostate massage novice or expert. Any great water or silicone based lube will be compatible with this toy, use lots for ultimate comfort and pleasure. A user guide is included.

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This badboy is for when you wan't extra stimulation when getting off to my pussy. The handle makes it super easy to control and along with the bumps you'll be hitting the exact right spot.

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